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PP Moblen Granules

                                                                                                                 POLYPROPYLENE (PP)

Propylene, the monomer of polypropylene (PP), is obtained in large quantities as a by-product in the oil refinery, such as ethylene. Isotactic PP has a commercial importance due to its crystallinity. Crystal PP is a linear polymer that melts at 165 ° C. It is the lightest (0.905 gr / cm³) among the known polymers. It is electrically proof and resistant to chemicals. As with other hydrocarbon polymers, it is very resistant to moisture and impact. On the other hand, it is less resistant to temperature, light and oxidizing agents than polyethylene. PP is stabilized with antioxidant and ultraviolet ray absorbing agents, making it more durable.

The code to identify PPs is 5. Its density is 0.90-0.92 gr / ml. varies between. Its maximum usable temperature is 135 ° C. It is a translucent, water-buoyant, but non-foaming plastic. It is resistant to chemicals, heat and extreme fatigue. They are plastics with medium hardness and gloss. Margarine tubes, ketchup bottles, sticks, caps, yoghurt pots and some pots and lids are made of polypropylene plastics. It is the lowest density of the plastics used in packaging. PP burns slowly, smells like a burning fuel.

Polypropylene, a low density resin, is naturally translucent and milky white in color. The material has limited thermal, chemical and electrical properties and medium strength. It has a very good coloring ability. In practice, there are pure, glass fiber reinforced, impact strength and foam types. Polypropylene; It is generally processed by methods such as extrusion, injection and blowing. It is a thermoplastic polymer with a wide range of uses from parts used in the automotive industry to textile and food packaging. Polypropylene obtained by turning the monomer polymer is extremely resistant to chemical solvents (acids and bases).

Properties of Polypropylene:

It is one of the less dense thermoplastics.

* It has a good abrasion feature and the friction coefficient is obvious.

* It is highly resistant to open air.

* It is resistant to chemical acids and is not affected by diluted acids.

* It is one of the thermoplastics with the highest tensile strength and its tensile strength is 3,5 kg / mm². When this plastic is reinforced with additives, the tensile stress can be increased from 112.5 kg / mm² to 386 kg / mm².

* It is a good insulating material since it has no electrical conductivity.

* It is resistant to heat and is not affected by steam below 150 ° C.

* It can be easily welded and machined. It can be adhered, printed and marked with suitable adhesives.

* It is less fragile.

Bottle boxes, containers, furniture and seat parts are produced from Recycled Polypropylene in the field of cosmetics, medicine and food. The covers of detergent boxes, packaging materials such as margarine containers, synthetic carpet base, various plastic bathroom, kitchen and stationery materials are produced. Mostly in the production of household appliances, hospital and physics laboratory tools, battery protective box, carrying bag, chair and coffee table, waste basket, washing machine roller pedal, water installation fasteners, electric cable, accumulator body as copolymer in automotive industry, rope, pipe making used in the shoe industry.


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Product Code


(90°C - 4 min)

(Ash Content)

(600°C - 3 h)

(Melt Flow Rate)

(190°C - 2,16 kg) 

0,90-0,91 g/cm³





8,7-12 g/10min
1750-2000 Kg Bigbags

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POLYPROPYLENE - MOBLEN: Our company; Gray, Blue, Black, Green, Red colors are produced.