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Management Message


Our company has the capacity to produce 50 tons of granular raw material in desired color and in İzmir / Pancar, and meets the raw material requirement used in the production of plastic products. It produces;

- High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

- Low density Polyethylene (LDPE)

- Polypropylene (PP)

which are the most widely used in the world plastic market, and exports to the domestic market and the world countries.

In addition, it continues its commercial activities with the purchase and sale of all kinds of plastic raw materials and adds strength to its power with its collection, separation, crushing and washing facility.

Our Activities is certified by T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

In our 16 decare facility with 11 decares closed area, 4 state-of-the-art 160 granule lines with the latest technology and collection, separation, crushing and washing line, and 1.500 tons of monthly production, and moblen (black, white, blue, green, red) and tubing for crate and pot producers. and elteks (black, blue) granules are produced for drum manufacturers. Also, density, mixture and elongation tests of our products can be done in our laboratory. 

Our Values:

Our Customers are Our Benefactors,

Our most important capital is our human resources,

We consider trained, experienced and participatory workforce to be the most important asset,

Our aim is to base on continuous improvement, innovation and positive change,

Always "producing the best and quality" is our indispensable target,

It is our motto to comply with superior business ethics and honest working principles,

It is our goal to overcome all obstacles that we encounter, with all our clarity,

It is our most important feature to make suggestions for improvement in all matters,

It is our passion to be Competitive and Professional,

Stability and timely decision making are our indispensable behavior,

We aim to add strength to the Turkish economy, where we take our strength.